Sunday, 18 December 2016

No! Donald Trump supporters are not racist!

Let me add in my two cents. It seems like my opinion is not popular than an opinion coming from Justin Bieber or a Youtuber like Tyler Oakley.

So to just to go in depth with my latest video on my view of the election, oh yeah, I was wrong. I was wrong about Donald Trump. I was wrong and tricked by the lies of the mainstream media into thinking he is an evil racist guy, but he is not. Out of hours and hours trying to defend my argument with a republican that he is indeed racist, I found nothing. I mean, building a wall to prevent illegals from crossing the country is not being racist, it's being wise and loving to their country. I mean, we have doors in our homes to protect us from intruders? A person cannot come into my house without acknowledging who they are. Until I know who they are, they can come over; it's same for an illegal immigrant who wants to live in America.

It's been a month since this election has happened and boy the majority of people in America and here in Canada are not having it. After I posted a clip of my video on Instagram, I received a message from someone claiming what is wrong with me for having support towards him when he hates my kind... But boy, they watch too much CNN. It also happened on Twitter, only I actually didn't start it. I was just retweeting news on how the mainstream media has so much false propaganda and narratives targeting Trump then suddenly, a girl who removed me off Snapchat a day ago for asking her opinion on the election tweeted about having to unfollow someone because of "stupidity"... I saw that she wasn't following me anymore so I presume she just did it recently. I didn't want to message knowing it could cause problems and don't want to ruin the friendship we sorta have.

After watching coverage by coverage on the election, I start seeing more reports on the violence that was going on, I see the false crimes people are reporting as a result of the election, but the worst thing is... I see so many fakes news!! 'Trump didn't want the press to join him in dinner... Is he hiding something?' Oh, give me a break NBC, CNN and Huffington Post. I see third party media outlets continuing on to remind the viewer what Trump 'promises' are, and it's such a lie. Because of this event, more YouTubers who talk about the election in nonbiased ways and report honest truth stepped up and debunk the truth. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people don't believe it and because they like to listen mostly from GQ, AJ Plus, NowThis which are liberal and progressive news outlet that interview people who have a 'letter' to Donald Trump and a speech on how he will not take their legal family away, it's just more hate towards the newly elected unfortunately. I tweeted towards this feminist post saying their video is biased because that is not true. Then hours later, the same girl who unfollowed me quoted my tweet saying what I said was wrong and whatnot. Of course, this was the time where I can express my thought on telling her that I acknowledge her last act of unfollowing me and she responded it is because I posted stupid things. I thought it was going to end by saying we should debate then but she said she would not debate with people who are close-minded. Fortunately, with people agreeing and even putting their input supporting her, I just give them the question that is so hard for them to answer.. 'Explain to me how Donald Trump is a racist.' one girl responded by either blocking me or putting her tweets on privacy. It's a shame. You try to start a conversation and without hearing my arguments, you leave.

Then I really thought it was over but the same girl responded so I just took it to the messages. She wrote frequent messages how I don't see the big 'picture', how I don't understand it, how it's sad to see a latino agreeing with this and also as a Christian, that I am setting a bad example.

I could have judged her especially by bringing up verses that are heavy but I did not. I just gave a big paragraph on why I have faith in Trump, why I use to believe in the lies and even encouraging her that she should try to become a debater or a leader. Her response was that I was saying yet again irrelevant things. It didn't even seem like she even read my message because it took her to reply in 15 seconds after I sent her a 14 sentence paragraph or around there... The point, it was long and she replied that quick? Nope, not buying it. And that was pretty much it.

Since my last video, I started to do surveys and ask people around on what their view is on the election. The results were surprisingly interesting. I asked a Muslim woman, an African American who just moved from Atlanta to Brampton and an African Canadian on the bus heading home. The Muslim woman says that They have faith in Trump. She said it is dumb how the media portrays him as a racist guy when he has Muslim workers as well as African Americans and latinos. She said "putting up borders so illegal immigrants can not come is not being racist, you just want more security to your country.. many countries have that. Does that mean their world leader is racist? Think of the money they would save because of the cost of problems if the illegal gets in.. and being Muslim like christian.. there are bad seeds in all of them. I do not consider them Muslim but people have the right to be afraid of those bad ones... America is losing lots of money based on the damage these extremist terrorist are causing.. something needs to change. I do not like the guy but he is speaking truth." I was shocked. If you are mad that it's hard to find employment in America or why you are debt, there is partially blame for the effects of the terrorist attacks that have happened around the country such as cities like Ohio, San Bernadino, and even Orlando.  Just imagine the cost of the destruction, insurance and restoring the buildings and treatment of people in those areas. Just imagine the cost of damages and repair it was when the Paris attack occurred.

Donald Trump does not hate Muslims, he is not islamophobic. He just hates radical extremist. So NowThis, you need to stop posting anti-trump videos from Muslims and post the truth that he loves Muslims, and he said he would even put one in his cabinet.

Now we speak about Black Lives Matter, the group. I believe that black lives matter because they do. Just like all lives matter, black lives matter too. At the moment, though, with the media hyping this news of a white officer shooting black youth, you'd say "screw white lives, it's all about the black lives matter, this is like the 50s!!"... This is wrong according to an employee from Guess who lived in the urban neighborhood of Atlanta a month ago before his family moved here. He said he had to experience a cop attacking his friend to the ground. So why isn't he anti-police? He said, "Just because I'm African-American doesn't mean I'm all for BLM. Yes, black lives do matter. Like all lives matter in general but right now with the police shootings black lives matter. But the problem is people believe in the media saying its all cops but really sometimes it is not. I never have seen protests in Chicago where black youth are being killed? Should we ignore that or only focus when an officer shoots a black guy?? I lived in Atlanta and my dad told me to just listen as the police say and do not raise your voice up to the blue like if they were your parents. That would give the officer motive if you show attitude. Yes, there were incidents where an officer was way out of line but other shows the guy being aggressive and there are videos where guys shoot the cops. Are there some racist cops? Yeah. Are these youth doing justice right but killing an officer? No. It's not the cops nor the youth, it's the media that is to blame for portraying one side of the story. Many folks are mad because a hashtag of a victim is trending while these youth are killing each other in Chicago." When I asked what a Trump presidency is gonna look like, he answered, "The man is what the community needs. Sounds like a bad man but the media wants you to believe he is. I mean, he's a Republican. They label them as racist and old school hating on gays and Muslims person, but that's a stereotype. The country hasn't done well economically with the Democrats, why put another one especially with bad political experience who lies a lot? There needs to be change. Many black people voted for Trump. They are tired of no change." I was speechless hearing that. Afterward, I asked an African Canadian on his thoughts and he said that the military is wasting so much money and that with Trump being president, he will probably end the Syrian War and build a relationship with Russia. He was right on one part. President Putin of Russia has congratulated Trump on his win and hopes America and Russia can resolve and build a relationship. The mainstream media is not having it. They are already bashing Trump for canceling an order of an Air Force One that cost 4 billion to the country. Look at it America, your new elected president just helped you get out of additional 4 billion debt with 18 Trillion to go!! Looks small but at least it's a start.

So before you call Trump a racist, a bigot, a rapist, a hitler, etc. Just know that your children's children's children's children will still owe the debt you guys created for being so liberal asking for welfare and useless stuff. So kids, don't listen to your favourite Youtuber saying Clinton would be better because they are not Donald Trump. They just get paid to say it. They just want the system to stay broken. They probably don't even know any of her policies.

Anyways, to end this week, I got tired of seeing all this hate and gossip of Donald Trump that I had to make my matters better. I decided to go to Trump Towers in downtown Tornto and protest against the hate towards Trump. The staff and employees loved my admiration and although I got small frowns and bad reaction, I also got some thumbs up, some cheering and a clap from a few. It was a great experienced and I loved every second of it. After that, I went around the area and hand out sandwiches to anyone in the street. I was on my way to a birthday so it was a good idea to had this plan. After the birthday, I gave sandwiches and food to a couple and a man. I had discussions with them and wanted to hear what they say about the struggle on the streets. One homeless man pointed out this happens because of democracy and it's a lie to our faces and we should never trust the media. So I guess I wasn't the only anti-media guy that night. 

It just gets to show you that no matter who you support, your heart towards the people and world exposes who you really are. Liberal or Conservative.

In the end, what we need to do is work together and build better communication with each other? I'm tired of seeing the fights and the riots, it's time to fight fear and work together. Something the media does not like.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Why I find the N word offensive.

I'm a weird person. That's all I can tell you. I'm a conservative with liberal qualities who voted for the NDP party. I voted for NDP because both the Liberal and Conservative parties kept attacking each other and I didn't like these childish acts. Told you I'm weird.

I'm an old school person. I like hearing music from the 80s to like early 2000s. Songs from Bonnie Tyler, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Bryan Adams to All4One, Neyo and Chris Brown when he was singing songs like 'With You' and 'Wall to Wall'. Don't get me wrong, I do listen to music from this era from artists like Kendrick Lamar, Lecrae, Andy Mineo. I really like songs that are basically poetry with beats. Songs though that speak about disrespecting women, pride and money is when I start to cringe... but hey, it's 2016, this is not new.

So here is the thing, in this generation, in this culture, the 'n' word is used in so many different ways. Truth is, I 'm not gonna hate on you if you refer me as that or judge you but I would politely say if you don't refer me to that.

Thing is, I've watched too many historical videos and films depicting the lives of African Americans going through slavery, segregation, still dealing with racism. It hurts me, it breaks me. Films such as 'Lee Daniel's The Butler, Selma, 12 Years a Slave, Free State of Jones, 42, displays the torture on how African American folks were dealing throughout the generations. Unfortunately, what really happened was worst. They were being tortured with rods, whips, even worst especially for the women. Many were even sexually abused by the masters or slave owners they were living under. And it seemed like the words they always refered to these group were 'N-ggas'.

This word is a white man's word. Full of hate, pride and arrogance. It was a derragatory word to refer the African Americans as slaves. I even remember in the movie 'The Butler', the mentor of Seymour played by Forest Whitaker, spoke to him as a youth slapping his face the moment he said he was a good house n-gga explaining to him what the word means. That scene will always be in my head when I hear someone yell out that word to me.

Nowdays, it's uncommon not to hear it. People refer their homies and friends as n-ggas. It's not a surprise when I hear a girl refer their boyfriend as that. I just raise my eyebrows when I hear that.

Sometimes, it confuses me on how these African American youth claim that they are allowed to use it and not a caucasian person. I even have asked this question to the minority folks whenever I get the chance encountering them when I'm on the bus. They give me the usual repsonse... 'Because I'm black and they are not.' So I respond with, "Well, I find that word offensive because it is a word that masters used to refer to their slaves because they were worthless and no good." I had few responses. Some started to think and agreed to that, others countered it with, "Well the slave word is 'n-gger' and this modern one is not a hateful word.' So, changing the last few letters changes the defenition but is the modern word derived from that detestable word?,  "Well, it was a slave word, but we try to cover it up and turn it into a positive thing by referring your homie like that." So because we mask a word into something better, should we ignore it and comfort to what the rest believes? I mean, I don't use the word, b-tch because it means female dog and to me it sounds like when a person says that to a person, they are downgrading them, they are saying they are better and the victim is below them. And don't get me started when a girl refers to another girl a 'hoe'. Am I that of a sensitive person? Hey, I just treat people the way I want to be treated and if I won't tolerate someone calling me these names, I wouldn't too.

You can use the word and say it defines this and that but the origin still stays. You can put bare bandages on a wounded heart but truth is, it's still going to be wounded.

The N word was the last word a slave had to hear before they got tortured or burn to death. Just imagine how it feels that this culture has so many issues when it comes to racism. What if Martin Luther King Jr. saw that we use this word in entertainment, art culture and day to day basis? Who knows what he would say.

 I wanna hear your thoughts on what you think about the N word. I'm not attacking people, I have friends and we get in friendly debates when this topic is bought up. I don't get very offended like if a guy was saying it to a friend, I'd come and tell him this.. No, I respect people even if they do say it. I just wanted to write this in giving anyone some education if maybe they didn't know about this. It's always great to learn. We all need to learn, including me.

So do you think this word is offensive? Do you think we should cover the negativity about this word and use it in a positive way? Say what you need to say!!

Friday, 11 November 2016

Dear Donald Trump

Alright, well this maybe a letter to Donald Trump, not entitled as one. So before I start on expressing my thoughts and feelings, lets have a rundown.
So its been two days since Donald Trump has been elected as the new president of the United States and the people are not having it. And no, I'm not talking just liberals because that's all republicans believe but also people in other parties believe too.


Hey, I'm conservative too but also have liberal qualities. Actually, I even voted for NDP for the Canadian Election because I liked their views. Like I'm not all for legalizing Marijuana since I don't enjoy the smell and would I want to be nauseous every time I'm heading home? Aha no but I still gotta deal with it at times. I remember I even jumping out of a moving car of a friends because a friend of theirs told them to meet up their dealer and I was legit crapping my pants heading to the spot so I got out aha.
Anyways, lets talk about what the majority of every American is talking about.. even us Canadians have been talking about it as well.
I'm being honest here. I know I live in Canada and I know today it's Rememberance Day but I'm not happy. It's hard to see this. I see many Canadians here joking around it but I myself don't find anything on this event funny. But the millinerals are laughing, taunting the protestors, portraying themselves like Trump supporters. I even got attacked for saying that it's not cool. After realizing I was talking to high schoolers in the city of Woodbridge, I had to end it because who would have the balls to actually correct them because where is maturity in that youth culture?
Probably down in America where young kids are protesting that Trump is not the man for the job to be the leader of the nation. So now here, I will start my letter...
Dear Donald Trump, I got so much to say to you as a concerned Canadian, neighbour to now the country you are leading. No, I'm not going to curse against you, I'm not going to blackmail you, I wanna ask you something and this is it...
What are you going to do now??
I hear your promises, I hear what you are feeling and that there are people who feel the same way as you (Trump Supporters), I understand your concerns, but your methods don't sound right and with the expectations people want, it's just too much. I heard the words, your statements and the interviews on what you said but I'm not stupid, I knew your plan was to say the right things for the media.. biased or not to blast you, to put the headlines all on you. You got the words, you had the right things to say to get the minorities go against you, you got them to be the people you refer to them. "Not good people"... Hey, if I heard someone call me a loser, a rapist, a thief because I'm latino? I'm not gonna fight them, I've been taught to bless those who have cursed me, I've been taught to treat people the same way I want to be treated, even if people bully me. I find that the people who have cursed me; instead of fighting them, I bless them, which then they get real confused and it's like they get convicted for their act. I love it.
When it comes to freedom of speech, people say what they want to say and it sucks. It sucks when you hear curse words, when you hear negativity. Can't really do much.
After Trump has been elected, there have been numerous events. Supporters attacking groups, protestors start rioting. This is wrong. Both sides. If this keeps going, America will go into waste. I see the protest, and I'm not hating if there are peaceful, but seeing riots and fights, burning newspaper stand, that's not what this nation is about. Protestors, find a way to make it right. Supporters, stop rubbing it in their faces. Now I've seen Trump supporters praising the win and like bring out the racism saying offensive words to a group of ethnic beings or cursing them, I don't tolerate that. This seems to remind me of the 1950s with the blacks. But, you saw what the blacks did.. especially the BP. They fought back with humbleness, strategy and wisdom. They didnt fight with violence, they fought by showing no fear.
Guys, this is what they want you to be. In fear. Dont let fear take away your lack of love, don't let it burn your heart with bitterness. I don't understand how you american people are going through. Fear of being ridiculed, fear of getting jumped. But here's what I believe you all need.
Peace. You can't let depression attack you, you can't let your doubts with these fears control you into the person it wants you to be.
You guys need to fight the enemy. The enemy is not Trump, nor his supporters, it's fear. Some of these videos on what these supporters say are so awful and I even question myself if they ever had an education? I don't want to laugh at them, I wanna pray for them just like I'll pray for you guys too.
Wanna make America great again? Unite guys.
Seeing these events have hurt me so much, I haven't even planned on what I want to do because this is all I see. I don't even know how people here in the north can watch this and continue living the same lifestyle. Yeah, you RT a tweet involving the event makes you an agent of change, sure let's go with that but keep talking about about guys and 'hoes'.
But you know what? I'm not going to let it hurt me anymore. That's why I wrote this and I hope this gets shared so people can understand it's time to stop being afraid and start working together.
Did I say it's gonna be easy working with someone who doesn't agree with your ideas? No, but just like making friends, it takes a few steps, communication is key.
I have a friend who voted for trump and I asked them why. They gave me their explanation, I might not agree with them at all but I respect their choice. We are still friends. For a muslim to communicate with a Trump supporter, to have a coffee with someone who doesn't agree with your religious practices, it's hard. Like you don't know the person but you never know.. if trying to start a conversation gets them to have a new idea of you works, then congratulations, you defeated fear; fear for you, fear for them.
I've been constantly listening to this song that helps me with depression, the fear of the unknown, the fear of going into depression. I'm not going to let worryness, fear and depression to come into my life anymore. They can't stop me now. This song is by Lecrae, one of my favourite rappers.
So to end up my letter to you Donald Trump, I just want to say I'm praying for you. I'm praying you get this right. I'm praying you see your 'supporters' showing their true colours hurting the minorities, I hope you sympathize with the minorities and you actually do something, I hope God warms your heart when you watch those videos. Because if you want to make America great again, you need to start looking at your heart first just like we all do.

I got my opinion, what's yours?

Monday, 24 October 2016

Guys, before you DM that girl who "slays" in her photos.

Dear Guys, before you DM that pretty girl who "slays" in her ig and twitter photos, let me tell you something about them. Okay, they look great but you already know they get comments like that from a selfie of them wearing a dress, good outfit, whatever.

No, I ain't speaking about all girls but it's many girls I've encountered. Here's the thing... you gotta look at how she is, what she does, character, background for crying out loud. And no I'm not saying ethnicity, I'm talking about where she comes from and how she handles things.. you know it?
Here's the thing about those girls who tweet about their day. From when they are complaing about getting up to school till tweeting how it's 2am and they forgot to study for a test later on that day in school. What does this show about them?
They got time.
They got time to talk about their day. It displays that they are very active amongst their whole day. But here's the thing...
They talk about everything!! Boy if you are talking to that girl; just know that if you make a mistake during the date, you might see her on her phone, but after the date (because you shouldn't be on your phone during dates), you should check your Twitter. If she was tweeting and rt stuff about quotes or about just love and guys, dude... just leave it. Or you deal with it and will definitely have to learn a lot.. You pretty much know what type of girl she is based on her attitude during the date.

Now before you judge me saying "you can't judge a girl based on what she tweets".. You are kinda seeing something else..you just found someone who is in denial. Someone who denies anything that offends them. I mean, she's not gonna want to admit it. You can be right but she will be convinced it's your fault.. Yet it's sad that she tweets how she treats people well and gets hurt questioning herself.. Like girl just stop. It's pretty attractive seeing a girl show humility to herself and say she can't hold everything down.
All she post on her social media is herself. There's not a week that she would not post a selfie of herself.. And I mean if her captions are like "twitter saw it first", then you already know the rest. She post screenshots about convos and tweets from people captioning "that's me"??.. then there you go brother, that is her. And you can't lie, if you ever try to correct her, she'll likely respond with "lol" and sub-post you or probably try to curse you out and screenshot it embarrassing you. Like I said, it doesn't matter how much she "slays" in her photo, if her character sucks, not worth the slide on her DMS.
Here are some hints you should notice:

If she posts a selfie with her clothes on the floor... what does that mean? Does she have a thing of having her clothes around in her photos? Could you presume laziness or can't listen to her parents when they tell her to pick up her clothes?

Or when she captions her photo saying "ft. Dirty mirror".. well then, I guess they never heard what Windex is.

You ought to know that when being in a relationship with these girls, you sign yourself up for being subtweeted constantly. Signing yourself up for pain.
It's been a month, and she's snapping over the fact you didn't do something with her for your 1 month because you were raised differently than them. It makes sense. Also being referred on her snapchat. "My man is this", "my man is that", "my man can't do this..", "my man can only do this" like jheeze is this woman your mother? Do you consider this a healthy relationship?
Is this how every girl is on social media? Absolutely not. There are girls who post pictures of themselves and also things they like to do.. such as going out with friends, exploring sites, family photos, etc. I have my preferences and a girl who vents her problems on Twitter everyday and just wants people to feel sorry for herself, I can't seem to grow along with that. Just because you say no to her doesn't mean you lost the very best. It's annoying to hear a girl tell you that loosing her is over for you; that you will never get a good girl. But let me tell you this, a good girl is a girl who lost you or you lost and hopes for the best for either of you because everyones gotta learn. I have my opinions, what are yours?

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Dear Kylie Jenner and the rest.

Dear Kylie Jenner and the rest of any boy or girl who feel like they aren't pretty or handsome,
I like you Kylie but it's hard to understand you. I remember seeing you at your pre-teen age in the first few seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. You see, you were just the young girl always getting in trouble with Kendall because hey, you were just kids. I always thought there was something special about you. I thought you were really pretty. I was in high school when I started watching the reality T.V series. I started to see the change you and Kendall were setting onto. Whenever it was the hair or the lips being done.
Now after seeing that, I felt it wasn't right to watch the show anymore. I mean, too many young girls look up to your sisters, especially Kim. In my opinion, I don't really see Kim as a role model to young girls in my opinion... I'll probably talk about that in my next blog.
Many of these girls.. They see what you guys have. The 'perfect' life. The beauty. When you were 13, you weren't all about the life you have now. There are 13 year old girls or even younger who want to be like you.
Who knows if you stayed the same without the lips being done if you would have the same fans you have today.
I started to go back in watching the reality show. I started to see something. You're different than most of your sisters. To me, you don't seem like you want to have this "luxury" life.
I feel like sometimes you gotta live to the expectation because you are around one of the most famous people in TV this era. You try so much and you have people hating on you, people judging you, ridiculing you, honestly it never ends.
Everytime I go on Facebook, and just search out your name, you post a photo. Majority of comments is just judgement. Judging your mom's parenting skills, judging on how you're too young to dress like this or what you're wearing. Listen I may not like what someone is doing or wearing but I'm not gonna put them down to make me feel better.
And this is all I see from people.. judging you usually because they don't have the lifestyle that you have. But in my opinion.. I can see it. You don't want this.
So my message is do something you like. Don't do something to make people happy, do it because you like it.
I'm working overnight and on my shift at 5am I see on snapchat discovery page a post from Daily Mail on you..
You admitted you got your lips done because you thought guys won't kiss you because you had thin lips? This is wrong
To you and to all these girls who feel like you need to change something, your appearance to be liked or to be more secure of yourself, I can't judge you, all I can say is make sure this is something you really want to do.
All of you are beautiful, without your lips, mouth, eye lids, butt, chest, legs, etc being done.

I tend to ask myself who was very insecure on my lips, teeth and eye lid being big than the other if I got these done.. I would have a different reaction... Maybe I'll get more likes, more comments on a selfie, probably be hit on by more girls..

But what's the point really? I just basically told my creator, "hey uhm.. yeah the way you made me with my lips and nose.. yeah you suck." I can't insult my creator for making me look with these specific features. Because I know one day, one person will love these features of mine and will want to be with this nerdy guy.
Yeah, we can say when it comes to braces it's a nessecity. I mean, it fixes your teeth which gives a good look but it also prevents anything harmful that could harm your teeth, gums and your mouth.
But if your lips that are small won't cause pain, why fix it?
I'm not saying to not do these changes for yourself guys. I'm saying to look at yourself and ask yourself "do I love myself? Do I think I'm beautiful?" If you can say that with an honest heart, I say go for it. If you can't, then that's all on you.
Kylie Jenner has admitted that she regrets getting her lips done. Now, it's your choice. If you wanna have a new style, change something of yours, go for it! If there's something you don't like, I don't know maybe freckles, beauty mark, small lips, just know this... Maybe that person you're interested is not into what you have. But someone is!

Many of you people idolize Kylie Jenner, thinking she is the definition of beautiful, perfection... but that's not it. Beautiful doesn't mean having the right appearance; it means having high standards. Standards such as character, high maintenance, class, respect, dignity, etc. I mean, a house can look beautiful on the outside but on the inside there could be a huge mess.

Kylie Jenner can do anything because of course, she's got the money. But if she didn't, would she be obsessed in finding a way to get her lips done? Maybe not, maybe she would learn without experiencing it that she is beautiful in her own way. Now getting surgery is expensive, and yeah, you may have the money or your parents do, but remember what I say, to do it because you know you are already beautiful and you just want to be creative.

Remember, looks may fade but the heart will always be the same.


Grab the brooms guy and let the celebration begin!

Well, I guess some of you right now. This post is late.

Yeah guys sorry for the late post. Been busy with editing my video which I hope I can upload it tonight but I can't because tonight is my first overnight shift and dang I'm kind of nervous


Although Sanchez pitched so dominant having his ERA to a career high of .300, he wasn't the Ace many jays fan thought of in that game.

In the 1st inning, Texas DH, Carlos Beltran grounded to the right side which scored Carlos Gomez. Jays later took the bottom by a 2-run homeroom from Edwin Encarnacion and a solo blast from Russel Martin.

Rangers this time bought their bats in this elimination game. SS Elvin Andrus cut the deficit to one in the third inning with a solo shot.

Jays didn't wanted it. Josh Donaldson later doubled to score Carrera, and the Edwin hit a sharp single to left centre field to score Donaldson to have this game at 5-2.

Toronto public enemy #1 Rougned Odor did not want to give up and so he answered the boos with a 2 run-home-run.

Then later in the inning with reliever Joe Biagini on the mound, it looked like Rangers were gonna take this game. First basemen Mitch Moreland doubled to the left centre field scoring 2 Rangers now leading the game by 1.

But the boys were not finished.

In the bottom of the 6th with men on third and second, 2B Dawin Barney popped out to yet again probably have the Jays stranded in scoring position because it's already 2 outs now. With Carrera at bat, the Texas reliever threw a ball outside and catcher Jonathan Lucroy couldn't manage to catch it. Troy Tulowitzki scores and we are tied at 6 in the 6ix.

The bullphen from both clubs were amazing. They were amazing plays that could allow a scoring chance but these teams were fighting like if they're lives were depending on it.

Then it happened. On the 10th inning, Rangers pitcher Matt Bush seems like he has the game well in his hands. After when Donaldson hits a double in left centre field and an intentional walk to Edwin Encarnation, Jose Bautista can once again be the hero and a nightmare to the Rangers if he pokes a ball to the grass. Unfortunately, he struck out, having to deal with Russell Martin to play hero. With 3-2 count, Martin hits a tricky hopper to SS Andrus. It seemed like it would be a routine double play, but boy were the baseball gods here tonight. Right when Odor caught the ball for first out, his throw to first base was wide for first baseman Moreland to reach for the ball leaving Martin to be safe. The ball bounced out of his glove and with a heads up play by Donaldson, he rounded third and scored to win the ballgame and series. Rangers manager Banister requested a challenge to see if there was interference on second base maybe interrupting the play. Umpire Joe West received the call and it was upheld ending the ball game.

Odor, the public enemy of city of Toronto who homered to quiet the fans committed the last error to let the Blue Jays walk off. It's true, 'I rather get punched in May than be knocked out in October." I believe now that the fans and the Blue Jays are very thankful for Odor. What a Thanksgiving weekend!

Now what's next?? Time to play in the ALCS. Last year, the Blue Jays lost in game 5 against Kansas City who the last inning was very close for them to go into game 6. Time for redemption. On an update note, the Cleveland Indians also swept the Red Sox ending Ortiz last season in his career. Lets hope the bats that we saw this series in the ALDS continues against Cleveland and their dominant pitching staff. This playoff team reminds me of the 2015 Blue Jays team back in August. 

Game 1 in Cleveland starts at 8 Friday night.

Let's go boys!!!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Wow! What an amazing day! I have no words on to say about my favourite baseball team.

Before I talk about this amazing game, I just wanna talk about today and oh man, it's really awesome to be working at a job where your manager will talk about how he plays Pokemon GO during his break. This man is team mystic woohoo!

It was a very chill shift. I took out the garbage and clean out the back. Then I had to learn about putting talkers below the product and then just organizing it.

The time was 8:00 and I was very nervous in hearing what the game is gonna have. When I had my small break, it was just the first inning of this AL Wild Card Game. Then, I realize time was going too fast. It was already 9:20 after i finish my second last task. My mind was all about the game. Then when I finished at 10:00, I clocked out and called my mother. Thank God she was outside waiting. I checked in on the radio to hear the game; I looked at my phone too.. It was 2-2. Then I got home watching the game and oh man there were chances for both sides. I was nervous and shaking too much.

Then, it happened.

After a close ninth inning for the Jays with a lead off double by Josh Donaldson and a walk to Edwin, unfortunately Jose Bautista struck out and Russell Martin hit a double play, this game was gonna turn into something special.

After O'Day retired the side in the 10th, the Jays had starter Fransisco Liriano and man has he been bringing it. Retired the side and now here comes the middle part of the line up. With the power house line up, I thought Showwalter will use his best reliever, his close Zach Britton, but instead used Ubaldo Jimenez.

Now, people would criticize Buck for his choice but I understand why he did it... If the O's scored, Britton will be in. The fact Ubaldo was dominant against the Jays the last game he started, Buck was sure his pitcher will get out of the inning.

But he thought wrong.

After Carrera got called out on strikes, Travis and Donaldson singled so now it's 2 men on first and third with one out and the best RBI hitter is into the plate. With Jimenez seemingly to have loose control on his mechanics with the pressure, Edwin makes him pay. When Os catcher Matt Wieters was set up for an outside pitch, the ball got lost and went into Edwin's sweet spot and he didn't miss it at all.

With all those who criticize Gibbons for placing Stroman today, I hope you guys feel it because he was amazing today. I had so much faith that he will bring it tonight and he did. Also great work from the bullpen on both clubs.

Now what's next? Time for some revenge against the Texas Rangers. The Rangers have had a great season this year but did not have it with the Blue Jays. Of course, everyone knows what happened the last time the Jays visited Texas. Lets hope for a great series and watch out Odor, we don't like you hurting our players.

Lets go boys!!

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Blue Jays won! Are we ready to defeat the Os in the wildcard game Tuesday?


My Sunday was shacked up and full of excitement having to watch two baseball games at the same time. The Toronto Blue Jays VS Boston Red Sox, and the Detroit Tigers VS Atlanta Braves. These were must win games. If the Blue Jays win against Boston, they are in; if the Tigers loose, we still in; win or lose. If the Tigers win, they would need to win tomorrow on a make up game to see if they would be able to compete in a tie breaker against Toronto Tuesday.

So as you already read my headline; we made it to the post season. Jays won 2-1 on a close game and being special over the fact, soon to be hall of famer David 'Big Papi' Ortiz, had his last game for the regular season.

Second baseman Devon Travis, drilled one over the Monster to get the Jays to have the first lead. Tulo later broke up a tie from Ramirez's solo home-run with an RBI and that's all she wrote.

To speak about the pitching... Sanchez was pitching a gem. He had a no hitter until Red Sox first baseman Hanley Ramirez broke it with a homer later in the game. Still, dominance performance by the young Ace.

So this is it. Against the team's rivals the Os. With Jones and Machado's clutch hitting, let's hope the Jays wish again for a victory to then face their post season rivals the Texas Rangers.

We all know there's gonna be intense playing with these clubs facing each other.

It's a due and die game Tuesday night in the 6. Lets hope this game ends with a bat flip.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

The reason why I don't care about how many likes I get.

I think we all have insecure features as humans. As I'm watching one of my favourite shows Glee eating some Oh Henry! chunks, I tend to understand why I loved the show. The growth, the openness the characters were with each other. This show always lifted my moods when I'm upset. It's artistic expression brings me to feel ways that I don't understand.

You see, I don't care about many likes I get on my photo. Many times I see people on snapchat or twitter putting a post to like their photo they posted. Just another selfie with the same pose, what's new about that? But you see, I wasn't asking verbally to get likes on my photos. I was just desperate to see how to get those likes without showing my ugly self in it.

So lets get this straight. Since elementary school, I considered myself ugly. I felt very insecure. Nose too big, can't smile great and one eye lid is lower than the other making me look like I have a drooping eye lid.

I had trouble talking to girls because I had the thought they were not be interested because of my looks. It kept happening even in high school. I was never into taking photos of myself because of how I looked, I use to wear sun glasses in every webcam photo I took. I even tried to use my laptop to take a photo with me posing with my sister's Sony Ericsson mobile phone making it look like I took it with her phone. Yes, I was either in grade 9 and 10 with a crappy Nokia flip phone that could store 5 photos and 3 songs in my phone storage.

I even tried to change the filter to black and white with low brightness to make the photo be likeable. Just got 4 likes.

I think I wore my shades on top of my actual eye glasses in this photo, oh well.

Then of course, I tried to make myself look cool by wearing a plain shirt and use a hat making myself look cool... I think many guys even today still do it.

Of course you gotta show the belt showing that "swag". I got like 8 likes in this photo, hooray.

This problem of mine kept persisting even when I went back to church and started to become my high school's street preacher. I saw on social media many guys I followed getting 50 likes, even 100... I just don't understand how those guys who like to play with those girl's hearts actually get many likes just from a selfie with good lighting and good angle to show their good side. I started to get more serious in weight room class and bulk up. I even begged my mom to buy me some brand clothes to look like I got more style, aha.

In the end, I received many likes on this photo. I got like the prettiest girls who follow me to actually like it. I felt like I found $20 on the floor.

Filter always making it better. Pretty much 30 likes on this photo.

Then I realized this wasn't worth it. I got all these likes and a few comments and yet I still felt insecure... I still felt ugly. I tried to read articles, read verses and quotes but I felt like I wasn't receiving any good news.

I'm a christian so I'm not going to say I'm perfect but I can admit I don't have it together and I need someone to give me encouragement. God my father my brother and best friend gave me the exact words when I asked him why I was created like this.

Do I really want to get all these messages from girls because they like me because of my appearance, waste my time and delay the calling of the girl who I believe I should be with? That's not worth it. Not worth hurting girls or being hurt by girls even though I receive pleasure. Because 15 minutes of pleasure is not worth a life time span being with someone who liked you not just for your looks but also for your personality.

I can truly understand why I was created the way I am and that's for a purpose. A purpose for myself and everyone in my life that I have and will encounter.

Now, I really don't care how many likes I receive on my photos. I'm already happy. I don't need to base my happiness through the amount of likes or even from someone.

We all need to base our happiness through something eternal. If we base it on something temporary, our happiness will be temporary.

22 years and I can honestly say artistically and emotionally that I'm awesome becoming who I am.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

I got a new job!

Evening everyone, today has been a really good day. My favourite team has won against their rivals and I also just received an opportunity working at a new job.


The Jays took the first game of the three game series against the Baltimore Orioles. It was suspenseful watching the game knowing the power of Manny Machado and the O's line up.

Of course, rain stormed tonight with a 2 run home-run by the bringer of rain Josh Donaldson.



Left Fielder Ezequiel Carrera also contribute to the scoreboard by hitting a solo home-run. Blue Jays ace, Aaron Sanchez struck out 10 birds in this 5-1 win adding to 14 wins this season for him.

So today I just got a job at a local Shoppers Drug mart just 5 minutes away from me. I'm pretty psyched. It's a full-time overnight shift and I'm someone who likes to face challenges so this is going to be a great challenge for me in this new season for this year.

Time to move on from folding clothes to just stock up chips in the middle of the night.